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Ryecorn digital publishing was set up to provide a publishing platform for the Kishboo e-Magazine and novellas developed under the ryecorn brand. This provides a professional feel to the Kishboo eMag with all the benefits of umbrella branding.

About Kishboo.

Info about Kishboo.

In October 2014, we launched Kishboo, a new non- profit, non- subscription fiction e-magazine, published four times a year, in two e-formats:

  • FREE to read on the website at www.Kishboo.co.uk
  • Published as a kindle magazine and is available from Amazon at 99p (GBP).

Issues 1# to 3# were also published as an application for Android phone and tablets. However, when we produced issue 4# (Autumn), we decided to create a dynamic web page using bootstrap and JavaScript, that would be mobile friendly. This allowed us to drop the Android app version and at the same time, this increased our ranking with Google.

Kishboo holds an ongoing short story competition - it's 2,000 words max and we hold an open genre.
It costs £3 to enter each story.
The best fifteen stories will be selected for e-publication in the magazine. The editor considers stories three times for e-publication.
An open vote picks the winner and runner- up place in each issue.
There's a first prize of £50 and a runner- up prize of £25 up for grabs. There is also an Ed's choice story that wins £15.
Readers vote by clicking on the FB 'like' button or via email.
We do not receive any arts based or business funding for Kishboo. The competition entry fees and kindle e-mag sales fund our cash prizes, and the advertising on our site covers the cost of the Kishboo website.

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The People Behind RDP

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Completely self taught, Keith began writing games for the computer market back in 1982. Lots of these were published in national magazines by Future Publishing (When it was based in Bath). His games were also given professional praise by the magazine editors.
He later branched out into web design and he has created several of bespoke websites for the corporate market.
He is highly experienced in HTLM, PHP, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, CSS, Java, Photoshop, MySqL and Bootstrap.
He's the tech/website expert, plus he designs all the covers for KISHBOO e-magazine.
He's designed and produced games for android app platform. Some of these have had thousands of downloads!
Please see www.kbeeapps.orgfree.com
For more information about his projects, please visit his own site:

www.gate11.orgfree.com »

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She has been writing seriously since 2010.You could say that she's a semi-pro freelance writer.
She's had poems, letters and stories published in a variety of UK national magazines.
Sharon is the editor of KISHBOO e-magazine as well, so she decides what stories are published, and also select the Ed's choice story.

Sharon also run her own online highly successful writer's group, Fiction Addiction. focusing on fiction for the magazine market. The group is free to join.

For more information, please visit:

www.sbee.orgfree.com »

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